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Combat Decision Fatigue Right Now

By TULA Organizer, Elizabeth Justiz 


You are not alone! The amount of decisions we make in a day is astonishing. And most of them are pretty inconsequential. Like:

What should I wear?
What should I eat?
Should we have this meeting at 3:30 or 4:00 pm?
What should I do with this little sticky note, I jotted a number down on?
Should I wear the green bathing suit or the yellow one?
What book should I read next?
What should I watch on TV?

These little decisions seriously add up. So, when you need to make a bigger more important decision, your brain is already fatigued. Bigger decisions like:

What should I get my spouse for Christmas?
Should I look for a new school for my child (and the 1,000’s of decisions that follow that one!)
Do I need to pay off my mortgage or save for retirement?
Is it time to upgrade the car?
Is it time to begin a new relationship or leave an old one behind?
Should I change careers?

As you can see, these bigger decisions lead to so many smaller decisions. It can be exhausting!! So, what can you do? You can put little decisions on auto-pilot!

Here are a few ways to do this:

Have a set menu. Like Meatless Monday, Taco Tuesday, Italian Wednesday, and leftover Thursday, etc.

Come up with a few go-to meals that you make all the time that are simple, quick, and can be made in bulk. Personally, I’d rather eat the same thing on repeat then constantly have to DECIDE what to eat!

Narrow down your wardrobe. Choose those top few outfits that you wear all the time and go all-in on them. If you have pieces that are difficult to match with or only work in really obscure combinations. Let those go. Focus on what you really like to wear and feel good in. Then build multiple outfits off of that!

Don’t linger on unimportant decisions. Just pick something and move forward. If there was an issue with the decision you made then correct your course for next time. Taking action will save that brainpower for more difficult decisions.

Create systems for your life. From address books to command centers to grocery lists. Pick something that works and stick to it. Don’t have multiple systems for one job. Just pick something simple and use it! If you find it is no longer working, let it go! An example is a grocery list. I always find food we are running low on while cooking. So, in the kitchen, I have a pad of paper, my coupons, and my shopping bags. I write down the needed item, check for coupons, and put everything together. Then I am ready to head out for the store whenever necessary knowing exactly what I need! Build systems for easier tasks so they can be completed with your eyes closed.

I hope this post allows you to reduce some decision fatigue in your own life. Your big beautiful brain is meant for more than deciding what’s for dinner! Give it a leg up through simplifying!



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