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Giving Tuesday - TULA Charities


Part of our mission and passion is supporting organizations within our communities, especially organizations supporting families, women, and underserved populations.  In honor of Giving Tuesday we're sharing a couple of our favorite charities in each of our TULA markets. Please take a minute to learn about the incredible work they are doing and contribute however you can- give, volunteer, share ... it all helps. :) 


Thriving Families: 

Thriving Families offers programs that support women, children, and their families during pregnancy and just after a baby is born – a critical period of development for children’s futures.  I can share that both Megs and I cried almost non-stop on our tour of this incredible organization seeing the impact they are having first hand.  They are doing amazing work.  

How can you help or get involved?

Arrupe Jesuit High School: 

Arrupe Jesuit High School is a Catholic, college preparatory school offering students with limited economic resources a premier educational experience through rigorous academics, formation in faith and discernment, and a unique work study program – fostering community, opportunity, leadership, and personal growth.

How can you help or get involved? 


Ashley's Angels Austin:

Ashley's Angels Austin is a newly formed local non-profit that exists to benefit single-parent families within our community. Their platform extends beyond a social community and seeks to reach single-parent families through quarterly community outreach, material support upon request, and through the sponsorship of a Prowess Certification to train and support single moms on their journey back into the workforce.

How can you help or get involved? 


Latinitas is a non-profit 501c(3) organization focused on empowering girls to innovate through media and technology. They offer a variety of opportunities for girls to discover their voice, develop media and technology skills and build a solid foundation for their future, to express themselves, develop their skills, learn about their culture and discover their unique voice.

How can you help or get involved?