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TULA [tOO-luh] n.

(Sanskrit: तुला) means "balance")

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: TULA is here to shift the second shift in an equitable and efficient way by empowering our clients to ask for help and prioritize with purpose, even when life’s TO-DO list is overwhelming.

It’s like having your own personal assistant, all the time, but without an all-the-time salary. Seriously… how great is that?!

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We all know that work doesn't end after you log off for the day – that's when it's time to tackle everything else that keeps your house and family organized, it's the second shift.

Women spend on average 4.5 hours per day on second shift tasks while men spend on average 2.5 hours per day. What would you do with that time back?

TULA does everything from errands, meal planning and prep, research and appointment scheduling, gifting and shipping, laundry and home organization, vendor sourcing and supervision, to event planning!

We offer virtual services, well, anywhere and support in-person requests in Denver, Boulder, and Austin, TX, with new markets coming soon!
A pair of hands type on a wireless keyboard. Nearby is a wireless mouse, a potted plant, a pair of eyeglasses, a cell phone, and the edge of a laptop.
Time is a finite resource, but the list of demands on our time can feel infinite. TULA gives you the power to free yourself from competing demands. They put creative and resourceful experts behind your to-do list, giving you this incredible gift. TULA is an invaluable investment to ensure you can focus on the things that matter most because they handle everything else.
- Courtney

Client Praise

Despite a demanding job and parenting two kids, I’ve come to realize that the miscellanea of daily life are my main drivers of stress. TULA helped me realize this when they eliminated the time, decision-making and pressure to impress around planning an anniversary night. I actually enjoyed myself.
And so did my wife!  
– David
Two hands, palms-up, presenting a small wrapped gift with a bow.
I must tell you about the incredible positive impact that TULA has had on our family and our home in the few short weeks we’ve been working together.  Our assistant is calm, diligent, thoughtful, extremely organized and has exceptional communication skills.  I’ve thrown a million different ideas and projects her way, and she’s been able to calmly clarify, prioritize and help drive forward lasting impact.  The list goes on but I had to start by thanking TULA  for all that you’ve done for our family.
I hired TULA to come and organize my home office and create a filing system. This was something I have been putting off for months, and TULA went above and beyond. They categorized all important documents and papers, pictures, supplies, etc. and created a place for everything with labeled files.  They even organized my junk drawer!  Great time saver, and a much more thorough job than I would have done on my own.  Thanks TULA! - Sarah
A cluttered junk drawer full of miscellaneous items such as paper clips, staples, rubber bands, and binder clips.

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