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TULA [tOO-luh] n.

(Sanskrit: तुला) means "balance"

TULA is a members only, on-request personal assistant service rooted in empowering you to create more balance in your life. We leverage technology and community to provide an at your fingertips personal assistant service.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: TULA is here to bring balance to your life, wherever you need, and just as much as you need.

It’s like having your own personal assistant, all the time, but without an all-the-time salary. Seriously… how great is that?!

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What Can TULA Do For You?

So, you like the idea of having TULA at your fingertips (who doesn't?) but unsure of where we can jump in to help? Let's put it this way, we take the stuff you keep pushing to the end of your list and cross it off... so you don’t have to!


Shopping "Shop all the grocery stores!"
Meals "Plan out healthy school lunches for the week...and shop!"
Errands "Post-office run, please!"
Gifting "I need a birthday gift for a 5 year old boy...tomorrow!"
Research "I’m having a baby...what do I need?"
Planning "Plan a socially distanced dinner party!"
Styling "I need a cute look for that socially distanced dinner party!"

Time is a finite resource, but the list of demands on our time can feel infinite. TULA gives you the power to free yourself from competing demands. They put creative and resourceful experts behind your to-do list, giving you this incredible gift. TULA is an invaluable investment to ensure you can focus on the things that matter most because they handle everything else.
- Courtney

Client Praise

Despite a demanding job and parenting two kids, I’ve come to realize that the miscellanea of daily life are my main drivers of stress. TULA helped me realize this when they eliminated the time, decision-making and pressure to impress around planning an anniversary night. I actually enjoyed myself. And so did my wife!  
– David
Recently my doctor recommended I try a gluten free diet.  I had no idea how many items have gluten in them.  Even soy sauce!  Thanks to TULA, they provided me an in depth menu with links directly to the recipes.  Not only that, but they have an interactive grocery list so I cannot forget what to pick up from the store.  Hey, TULA is so amazing they would even do the grocery shopping for me.  To say that TULA is a time saver is an understatement.  They do it all and exceeded my expectations!  - Jen
I hired TULA to come and organize my home office and create a filing system. This was something I have been putting off for months, and TULA went above and beyond. They categorized all important documents and papers, pictures, supplies, etc. and created a place for everything with labeled files.  They even organized my junk drawer!  Great time saver, and a much more thorough job than I would have done on my own.  Thanks TULA! - Sarah

Does a TULA Assistant sound like something you need ASAP?

TULA has officially launched and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome you to the TULA community! Join now and let's get started!

DIY Weekend Warrior Project: Focal Wall Makeover

TULA's Chief Experience Officer, Cody Galloway takes on a home DIY project to transform a basic white wall in her house into a focal point- and takes you along for the ride!

Become a TULA Assistant

At TULA, we are a community of delightful assistants serving a community of delightful humans. Interested in becoming a TULA assistant? We would love to meet you! Shoot us an email, tell us a little bit about yourself, let’s talk soon!

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Must Haves

Passion for helping others
Lots of energy
Positive vibes
Endless creativity

A love of ALL the details
Organizational wiz
Always in the “know”
Expert communicator

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