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Hey Richmond
meg and paul

Meet Meg and Paul Burford, the brains (and brawn, LOL) behind our RVA team. At TULA Balanced RVA we help you juggle life's chaos with a smile and a whole lot of hustle. 

Meg is our event-planning-turned-digital-marketing-maven who can turn a Tuesday dinner into the most memorable evening—this is no secret, just check her Insta for proof.

Paul tackles international development by day and CrossFit, gardening, and outdoor adventures in all those other hours of the week. He's handy, he's always game, and he's our go-to problem solver.

Based in Midlothian, VA, they're raising two silly girls and a snorty pug named Bruce. Their happy place is anywhere on the water, preferably shucking oysters with friends.

Whether you need a party planned with fresh seafood picked up from Yellow Umbrella and hoptarts from Fat Rabbit, or CHAOS TAMED by transforming your hall closet into something that actually resembles a closet, or just someone to help you FIX whatever needs fixing, Meg and Paul's team has your back. Just ask, and believe us, nothing is too weird! Yes, we’ll clean for your cleaning ladies. 😉

We're excited to be a part of TULA Balanced and we can't wait to help you make life a little lighter—and A LOT more manageable.

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How it Works

You have a TO-DO list, that’s probably FAR too long for one person, that takes you away from doing what matters MOST to you in this life. We have an amazing team of trusted and vetted assistants READY to takeover that TO-DO list. 

You share your list, we take over, it's that easy!

Why choose TULA? Because we are absolutely on FIRE for the idea that asking for help should feel EMPOWERING, and not rooted in guilt. Rebalancing the “second shift” of your day in a more equitable and manageable way IS possible and we can’t wait to help!

It’s as simple as submitting your TO-DO list using the TULA app and letting our team of trusted assistants get it DONE.


Step 1

Add TO-DOs

You send us a TO-DO, or maybe a lot of TO-DOs, through our easy to use app.


Step 2

TULA Takes Over

We’ll confirm receipt of your request and match you with one of our trusted and resourceful assistants, or chefs, and start working to meet your timeline.



Step 3


Sit back and relax and enjoy the extra time you've added back to your day!


Here are some ideas to help you create your list.

SHOPPING - Whether it’s a quick milk-and-bread run, or an all-day scavenger hunt, we’re on the case. Gotta have the produce from Whole Foods, the meat from Marczyk, the snacks from King Soopers, and the wine from Total Wine? Relax - with TULA, it’s already in the (grocery) bag.

TULA has a team of professional chefs ready to handle it all, including your weekly grocery shopping, meal planning, and in-home meal prep. You'll never even know they were there until you open the refrigerator to find your meals portioned, labeled, and ready to make you look like a dinnertime super hero! Dinner party stressing you out? Let one of our TULA chefs help you host the perfect night so you can focus on your guests. Pro Tip: This service also makes a great gift for new parents or new neighbors! If we aren't quite to your market yet let us create a meal plan and grocery list (or even order the groceries for you) so you can take the planning off your list! 

We love researching ALL the things and creating perfect lists for your lifestyle! Trying to plan a trip that perfectly balances everyone's preferences, outdoor activities, spa time, play time, and a spot grown ups and kids alike will love, we are on it! Overwhelmed with the special needs of your child? Moving a parent? We're here for the hard stuff, too, we pride ourselves in helping our clients find resources to navigate life. It's never too early to start looking for summer camps for the kiddos, we will scour the internet to find all the options! Upcoming wedding or baby shower, we can help you register. Best shoe repair shop in town, yep, you guessed it, we'll create that list for you, too.

 That dry cleaning you’ve been driving around for a month, that package you still have to take to the post office, that Goodwill drop you've been putting off for months , the return to Nords - say no more! There are a million errands on all of our lists. Let us take care of yours.

We’re talking full-on holiday shopping, even wrapping! Completely forgot a birthday this weekend? No sweat! While we’re at it, let us plan out your annual gift calendar (with reminders!) you so you’re never late again. We love curating the perfect gift for every occasion!

Whether in-person or virtually we can help you keep your business on track... or at the very least take those items that just take too much time like inbox monitoring, research, travel planning + booking, event planning, calendar management + scheduling and follow-up calls.

We understand there is a never-ending to-do list when it comes to your home, so think of TULA as your behind-the-scenes home management team! We’ll meet the plumber at the house, research and hire new house cleaners, line up contractors, and ensure your home runs like a well-oiled machine.

 We love a task that involves a label maker! Set us loose on your closets, drawers, pantries, garages, attics, and anywhere in between. Whether you’re getting ready to move and need some help keeping it all straight, or just getting more comfortable in your forever home, let us help you find order in the chaos.

Yep, we know the infinite list of school to-do’s that creep onto your list. The million well meaning but stress causing emails, forward to us and will summarize the things you need to know! Shop for school supplies (teacher gifts, too!), vet an after school program, craft Pinterest-worthy Valentines, create a shared school calendar so you never miss a special day, we are here for whatever helps make the school year run a little smoother!

Need something like this but in-person and we're not in your market yet, we'll find just the right fit and send them your way. Don’t see a service you need? Just ask!

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