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How it Works

We are absolutely on FIRE for this idea that asking for help should feel empowering, not rooted in guilt, and that rebalancing the second shift labor in a more equitable and manageable way is possible!

It’s as simple as submitting your TO-DO list using the TULA app and our team of trusted assistants will get it done.

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Step 1

Add TO-DOs

You send us a TO-DO (or maybe a lot of TO-DOs!) through our super-cool app. 

A cell phone display showing the TULA app home page.
A cell phone display showing a to-do list on the TULA app that has been filled out and is ready for an assistant to complete.
Step 2

TULA takes over

We’ll confirm receipt of your request, and match you with one of our trusted and resourceful assistants, or chefs, and start working to meet your timeline. On a tight deadline? We can work with that!

Step 3


Sit back and enjoy all the extra time you've just added to your day!

A cell phone display showing a completed to-do list on the TULA app.


Here are some ideas to help you create your list.

SHOPPING - Whether it’s a quick milk-and-bread run, or an all-day scavenger hunt, we’re on the case. Gotta have the produce from Whole Foods, the meat from Marczyk, the snacks from King Soopers, and the wine from Total Wine? Relax - with TULA, it’s already in the (grocery) bag.

TULA has a team of professional chefs ready to handle it all, including your weekly grocery shopping, meal planning, and in-home meal prep. You'll never even know they were there until you open the refrigerator to find your meals portioned, labeled, and ready to make you look like a dinnertime super hero! Dinner party stressing you out? Let one of our TULA chefs help you host the perfect night so you can focus on your guests. Pro Tip: This service also makes a great gift for new parents or new neighbors! If we aren't quite to your market yet let us create a meal plan and grocery list (or even order the groceries for you) so you can take the planning off your list! 

We love researching ALL the things and creating perfect lists for your lifestyle! Trying to figure out the best place for Spring Break that perfectly balances COVID concerns, outdoor activities, and a spot grown ups and kids alike will love, we are on it! Overwhelmed with the special needs of your child? Moving a parent? We're here for the hard stuff, too, we pride ourselves in helping our clients find resources to navigate life. It's never too early to start looking for summer camps for the kiddos, we will scour the internet to find all the options! Upcoming wedding or baby shower, we can help you register. Best shoe repair shop in town, yep, you guessed it, we'll create that list for you, too.

That dry cleaning you’ve been driving around for a month, that package you still have to take to the post office, that Goodwill drop you've been putting off for months , the return to Nords - say no more! There are a million errands on all of our lists. Let us take care of yours.

We’re talking full-on holiday shopping, even wrapping! Completely forgot a birthday this weekend? No sweat! While we’re at it, let us plan out your annual gift calendar (with reminders!) you so you’re never late again. We love curating the perfect gift for every occasion!

Whether in-person or virtually we can help you keep your business on track... or at the very least take those items that just take too much time like inbox monitoring, calendar management and scheduling and follow-up calls.

We understand there is a never-ending to-do list when it comes to your home, so think of TULA as your behind-the-scenes home management team! We’ll meet the plumber at the house, research and hire new house cleaners, line up contractors, and ensure your home runs like a well-oiled machine.

We love a task that involves a label maker! Set us loose on your closets, drawers, pantries, garages, attics, and anywhere in between. Whether you’re getting ready to move and need some help keeping it all straight, or just getting more comfortable in your forever home, let us help you find order in the chaos.

Yep, we know the infinite list of school to-do’s that creep onto your list. The million well meaning but stress causing emails, forward to us and will summarize the things you need to know! Shop for school supplies (teacher gifts, too!), vet an after school program, craft Pinterest-worthy Valentines, create a shared school calendar so you never miss a special day, we are here for whatever helps make the school year run a little smoother!

Need something like this but in-person and we're not in your market yet, we'll find just the right fit and send them your way. Don’t see a service you need? Just ask!

Not sure where to start? TULA time is a great way to knock out your to-do list!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are you TULA-ing safely in a COVID world?
A: We are hyper-aware of all COVID considerations that make us more comfortable in this crazy world, and can assure you we pass those preferences on to you. Check out our COVID considerations HERE.

Q: How quickly can you complete my TO-DO?
A: We do our best to complete every request as soon as we possibly can! We ask for at least 24 hours notice but we understand life happens! Just reach out and we'll do our best to work with you, though there may be a fee associated with expedited requests. Last minute (same day) requests subject to a $50 rush fee.

Q: Do my hours roll over each month?

A: If you are a subscriber the answer is, unfortunately, no, as we are like a gym in that sense. However, subscriptions offer a lower hourly rate. If you'd rather not subscribe, you can purchase a la carte hours and those hours never expire.

Q: Can I book a TULA assistant for a set block of time or recurring appointment?
A: We are happy to match you with a TULA assistant that fits into your life on a regular basis, whether that's once a week or a couple of times a week, we have you covered! However, we do charge a one time fee of $200 to cover the admin time for this service. EMAIL us today to set up a free consultation, during which we'll build a custom plan for YOUR needs.

Q: How do you charge for each request?
A:  We keep it simple! We charge you for the number of hours spent to complete a request rounded to the nearest quarter hour. We are always happy to work with you if you have a time budget in mind, just let us know in your request and we'll make the most of your budgeted time!

Q: Is there a minimum amount of time billed for a TO-DO?
A: Yes, in order to staff appropriately and ensure we have you covered you will be billed a minimum of 30 minutes for a research-based TO-DO and 1 hour for an errand-based TO-DO. If we can make more than 1 stop in that hour, we will!

Q: Wait, I can have chef prepped meals every week, tell me more...
A: We have an amazing team of chefs who love planning and preparing meals for our clients. Our chefs submit a menu to suit your preference and restrictions a week ahead of your service date, you make your selections, they grab your groceries, bring them to your home and prep 2-3 entrees and 2-3 sides and you are set for the week! Your TULA hours cover their time and we bill you for the groceries. It's that easy! 

Q: What if I need TULA to purchase something on my behalf?
A: We do purchase items on behalf of our clients but in order for us to offer this as part of our service you must have a credit card on file. We'll discuss needs, budget, and estimated costs and then place a hold on your card prior to purchasing anything. Once we have final receipts, we'll submit those receipts to you, and process the final payment + a 3% credit card processing fee.

Q: Is TULA a virtual service or in-person?
A: Great question, we are both! If you have a research based/virtual assistant request, we are here for you, no matter where you are! If you need an assistant to run errands or help in your home, we have in-person teams in Denver, Boulder, and Austin, TX! We have big plans for TULA and are planning to expand into more markets as soon as we can. We'd love to know where you want to see TULA next. Request TULA where you are, HERE.

Q: Can TULA be offered as an employee benefit?
A: YES! We fully understand the challenges of work life balance and partner with companies to offer TULA to their employees as a benefit, saving employees time, promoting work life balance, and helping companies attract and retain amazing talent, like you! If TULA would be a good fit for your company you can learn more HERE or please reach out to jayne@tulabalanced.com and we can get started!

Q: How do you vet your assistants and partners?
A: We know that earning your trust is paramount to the success of TULA and we take vetting our assistants and community partners very seriously so that you can always count on a TULA connection. Check out our assistant & partner vetting processes HERE.

Q: I didn’t see childcare on your service menu, can you help me find a sitter for my kids or better yet, drive them to soccer?
A: While we would love to do ALL the things, as moms we know nothing is more important than our sweet babes. For liability purposes, and to take some pressure off of our hard-working assistants, we do NOT babysit or drive kiddos as part of our TULA service offerings. However, we CAN help connect you to other trusted sitters or vetted nanny services!

Q: What don’t you do?
A: We like to say we can do most anything, but there are instances where we can make the most of your time and resources by outsourcing other service providers in order to maximize efficiency and cost effectiveness (housecleaning, more complicated handyman requests, and lawn service, etc) and we do reserve the right to decline a task that could potentially compromise the safety of our assistants OR our clients, and we obviously steer clear of anything illegal!

Q: Do I need to tip my assistant? 
A: Our assistants do not expect any compensation beyond what they are paid by TULA. If your TULA assistant goes above and beyond you are most certainly welcome to tip, but it is totally up to you!  

Q: Will I always have the same assistant? 
A: As a TULA member, you get the best-of-the-best team. You won’t always have the same assistant, but it is our hope that each assistant will demonstrate the same level of professionalism and quality of service every time. You’re welcome to request an assistant you jive with particularly well, and we will do our best to accommodate!  

Q: What hours are TULA assistants available?
A: While we would love a M-F/8-5 kind of world, we understand life happens outside of those hours! We will work with you and your schedule to accomplish your requests (even on the weekends). That being said, any requests received after 5 pm on Friday will be added to our queue and sent out Monday morning.

Q: Can I save my TO-DOs for later?
A: Yes! Feel free to create TO-DOs and save them for later. When you're ready, just 'Send to TULA'!

Q: My assistant, or chef, is the actual best, I’d like to have her/him work for me full-time, is that possible? 
A: Absolutely! We take that as a huge compliment and always want what is in the best interest of our clients and assistants. However, we do require a $1,500 placement fee.

Q: I need a real-life, full-time, assistant at work/home, do you help source and place?
A: We sure do! We are always on the lookout for amazing assistant talent and know that finding it can be a challenge. If you'd like us to take that on for you, we definitely can. From job posting, initial vetting, to interview scheduling, even the actual interviews... we have you covered! However, as this can take a fair amount of leg work, we do require a placement fee of $3,000. EMAIL us to set up a consultation to see how we can help you find just the right fit for your needs.

Q: Do you store my credit card information on TULA’s website?
A: Great question, and the answer is NO! We bill for our services through a third party called Stripe. You’ll see charges from TULA via Stripe, and your credit card information is stored with Stripe. You can check out our privacy policy HERE.

Q: How do I cancel or pause my membership?
A: While we would be bummed to see you go, we understand that life happens, too! You may cancel your membership with 30 days notice and your service will be terminated at the end of your next billing cycle. We are also happy to pause your membership and hold a spot in our TULA community for you for up to 3 months if you just need a little flexibility. EMAIL us to discuss.

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