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As a single mom of two and director at one of Denver’s largest energy companies, I found myself stretched too thin, working long hours, and feeling like I was falling short at work AND at home, in my most important role of being Emerson and Finley's mom. I struggled with finding the balance I needed to prioritize with purpose. Then, I had an “ah-ha” moment—I needed an on-demand personal assistant service. And so do a lot of people, as it turns out. Enter a super supportive life partner championing me in taking this big leap, a dash of intervention from the universe, and TULA was born. The life balance solution created for me, for you, for anyone looking to find more hours in their daily lives. I became a believer in balance, a tamer of technology, and an advocate for making space to enjoy all the things outside of your TO-DO list. Now, here I am. Here you are—let’s be friends.
Megan Trask, seated on a counter and looking over her right shoulder.
Cody Galloway smiles into the distance.
Cody here, a “yes” woman to a fault, mom of two, wife, and the co-owner of a successful event planning business that was brought to a halt in the wake of COVID-19. For once in my life, I had more time than I knew what to do with. I’ve always had a knack for filling up any ounce of spare time—including my family’s time by default—and finally, I was forced to slow down and spend my moments with the people that matter most. It’s this gift of time that lies at the heart of what TULA brings to you.  It’s time to introduce you to “balance”—a concept I never thought I’d find. Join the club.

Our Assistants

We place a huge focus on culture fit and relatability - like, would we have these people in our own home and acting as an extension of our family? If the answer is even a slight no, thank you, next.
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Assistant Highlight
Hannah - TULA Austin Market Lead

Super hero skills: Organization, meal prepping, writing + editing.
My best friend/mom would describe me:  Funny, intelligent, somewhat reserved, kind
and we'd add resourceful as heck to that list!
Hidden Talent: Time synesthesia—memorizing dates and birthdays!
Go-to karaoke song: Elton John’s ‘Your Song’
Favorite Local Restaurant: Justine's

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Our Partners

TULA Culinary Director Lauren stands in a kitchen holding a plate of snacks with her left hand an sprinkling toppings over the plate with her right hand. She is looking down at the plate and smiling.

TULA - Kitchen

Lauren Culinary Director

Bio: A daughter of two chefs and life-long foodie, has built her career on bringing people together over delicious and nutritious food. Lauren has held executive chef positions in New York City and Denver, operates her own private chef & consulting business, is on the teams creating a wellness center in Costa Rica and wellness cafe in Denver, and holds a Masters of Science degree in Nutrition and Integrative Health. Lauren joins TULA as Culinary Director and is eager to help bring balance and nourishment back to clients' kitchens (and bellies). 
Hidden talent: I can kick a can off anyone’s head!
Go to karaoke song: Does the sound of silence work?? I can barely even go to a karaoke bar let alone get on stage. I’m mortified even thinking about it.

TULA Director of All Things Family Zoe Cavinder leans onto a counter, smiling at the little boy next to her; she playfully dangles a handful of sliced onions over his face as he covers his mouth and nose with his right hand.


Zoe Director of All Things Family

Bio: As a natural-born organizer and researcher some of my favorite things are the tasks that make most people cringe. I love creating spreadsheets for anything from baby gear to exercise schedules, organizing our closets like the ones on the gram, testing recipes from cookbooks and blogs, creating meal plans for adults and children alike, and most recently, researching everything there is to know about homeschooling. I also briefly owned and operated a successful children’s food business before deciding to focus on simply feeding and organizing my own family. I have a strong desire to share all I have researched and documented as a mother, scientist, business owner, and planning guru. 
Hidden talent: I can do a lutz and salchow on figure skates.
Go to karaoke song: “The Sign” by Ace of Base

TULA Wellness partner Allison stands at a kitchen counter cutting vegetables on a cutting board. She is looking down at her work and smiling.

TULA - Wellness


The Green Collective logo

Bio: Allison began her career in marketing and events, producing and managing 5K fun runs, beer festivals, music festivals, and branded activations. During this time she discovered a passion for health and wellness and in 2019, decided to return to school to earn her health coaching certificate from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Shortly after she left her marketing job to start The Green Collective Eatery.  She wanted to open a fast-casual health-food restaurant in the Denver area that would make healthy eating accessible and enjoyable: a place where people could embark on or continue on their health journey. We are so excited to partner with Allison to bring The Green Collective into your home. 
Hidden talent: Jump rope tricks. I was on a jump rope team when I was younger and the skills never left me.
Go-to karaoke song: "Build Me Up Buttercup" by The Foundations

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