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Assistant Vetting

We can promise you an incredibly thorough vetting of your assistants… how you ask? We start with a thorough interview process, vetting everything from their own client profile preferences to work history in detail. We then give potential assistants test tasks to see if they meet our incredibly high performance standards. We are a bit on the OCD side but we’re good with that and think you will be, too… We stop short of olympic style obstacle courses but we are still considering it! We place a huge focus on culture fit and relatability - like, would we have these people in our own home and acting as an extension of our family in the community? If the answer is even a slight no, thank you, next. For additional legal comfort we also require background checks, inclusive of driving records, for all of our assistants.

COVID Precautions

We have been living in unprecedented times and we will be adhering to the strictest of protocols to ensure your safety as well as the safety of our assistants. As status and protocols have changed many times, we assure you we are always paying close attention to all guidance. We are happy to honor client preferences as well whether you prefer our assistants are masked or contactless drops, whatever feels best, just let us know. We also require our assistants to answer a series of COVID related questions prior to being allowed to start their shift. Should they answer any questions that would indicate they may have, or have been exposed to, COVID, the assistant is unable to begin their shift and we will reach out to you to reschedule your request ASAP. We would also kindly ask that our clients reschedule their requests should they feel any COVID symptoms or have confirmed exposure. We will gladly work with you to reschedule your request.

Partner/Collaboration Vetting

We can promise you an incredibly thorough vetting of our partners and collaborators as well! Growing our communities, both client and partner communities, is paramount to the success of TULA. We put extreme focus on partnering with shops, vendors, service providers, and collaborators who are aligned with our mission of making lives easier, providing more balance and impact, and growing a community… along with the normal reliability, necessary licensing and accreditation, and quality of service or goods as a baseline. We assure you, we wouldn’t recommend anything or anyone we wouldn’t use in our lives and homes as well.

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