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How to Take an Honest To Goodness Day Off

By TULA Organizer, Elizabeth Justiz

Resting and relaxation are SO beneficial to your mental, physical, and emotional well-being. So why do we never take time to do it? Well, we live in a culture that values BUSY and PRODUCTIVITY and OUTPUT. But what about FAMILY, REST, and HAPPINESS? Not so much. So, here are a few tips on how to take a real day off.

Do some prep work.
First and foremost, get ready to have a relaxing day! The day before, do some chores you know will bother you and keep you from enjoying your day. Do the grocery shopping and throw some laundry in so it won’t be hanging over your head.

Flex your “no” muscle.
Don’t schedule ANYTHING that doesn’t nourish you. Seriously. Even a small draining commitment can really throw your day. Just. Say. No. And yes, I know how hard it is but, it also gets easier!

Plan things that do nourish you but don’t overdo it!
If you love hiking, schedule a hike. If you love movies, schedule a movie night. But, the key here is to leave some open unscheduled time. This allows more freedom and doesn’t turn your day off into a to-do list.

Learn to be at peace without productivity.
This means doing things solely for pleasure. Do things that aren’t on your to-do list. Do things that seem frivolous and most importantly, do nothing! Just rest. Just enjoy. Just let the day take you where it takes you.

Be playful!
Get creative and engage in any type of playfulness that suits you. Whether it is tossing a ball or playing a board game. Get playful with your day!

Enjoy a special treat!
Whether it is a special meal, dessert, or drink. Give yourself a treat. This makes your day off seem more like a mini-vacation.

Quick Tip: Take it slow. Don’t rush around trying to enjoy all your hobbies in one day. That turns your day off into work. If you make a practice of taking one real day off per week, you don’t need to rush to enjoy it. You can save some activities for next week!

Enjoy your day off!