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Summer Camp Sign Up Season is Upon Us

We know the fire drill all too well. The race to fill your kids summer schedule (yes in January) is nothing to be taken lightly. It is stressful, overwhelming and I'd even throw out the word- cutthroat. YIKES!
Breathe easier. We have an idea....or two.

Caresplit is an awesome female founded startup that curates engaging experiences your kids will love, led by highly skilled teachers that come to you, whenever you need it (not just for summer!). It's perfect for those days off school, early release, even weekend brunch with friends or even for your kids to learn something new!

  • Activities are curated for your kids ages and interests
  • Privately taught for siblings or friend groups
  • At your house, on your schedule!
“My daughter has truly LOVED every experience with Caresplit. The Teachers are unique in their styles, but all able to connect in a very real and honest way with children. My daughter is learning how to fall in love with learning through these guided experiences.” - Lauren G

We love Caresplit and think they're a perfect option for those 'oh shoot' one off moments, but they will also work to string together activities and curate experiences together with friends over the course of a week, or two, or a month in the comfort of your own home (or a friends) which surely helps ease the crazy covid world worries, and makes summer planning a breeze. news yet- mention TULA when booking an experience HERE and receive 20% off!

Want to go a little more traditional route? 

Let TULA help get your kiddos signed up for all the camps on your wish list. Simply provide us a list of criteria (less than 10 miles from home, must have before and after care, etc) and your children's favorite subjects, hobbies, and schedule etc. and we will make it a summer to remember (for them because they will be making so many amazing memories, and for you- because it was just that easy!) Leave the sitting on hold, waiting for registration to open at exactly 6:01 am on a given day, getting waitlisted, asking all the questions, uploading all the forms etc. etc. to us. and when the bell rings for the last time this school year, smile, and enjoy.

Additional resources for navigating the summer camp crazies are below!

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Austin HERE

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